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If you would like to have a free English-speaking tour guide in Iwakuni, please send the Request Form for a Free English-speaking Tour Guide to us by e-mail by 7 days before your tour in Iwakuni.    

Service periods: Free tour guides are usually available throughout the year except Dec. 30- Jan 3,
            and Aug. 13-15, but your request might be declined if no English-speaking guide
             should be available for the date and/or time you specify. 

Tour course:   Around Kintaikyo Bridge area including Iwakuni Castle, Kikko Park, Kikko Shrine,             White Snake Museum and so on. The actual tour course will be determined   according to your request.

Length of guided tour: On your request. (basically, allow at least one hour)
Starting time
between 9 AM and 4:30 PM  
Ending time: by 5:30 PM (on your request)

Acceptable number of tourists: Any number (One person or more)

Language: English (and Japanese)   

Tour guide service is free, however guests will be responsible for paying their own toll or
fee for each tour spot or facility in the itinerary, such as Kintaikyo Bridge, Ropeway Car,
IwakuniCastle, White Snake Museum, etc.

The meeting place with your tour guide will be decided through the communication between you and the tour guide.

Request Form for a Free English-Speaking Tour Guide:

                    Request Form 

* Only the Request Form for a Free English-Speaking Tour Guide from a non-Japanese national is accepted at this e-mail address

* The request form in Japanese for a free tour guide is available through the home page of our website. Please fax it to or call the Iwakuni City Tourism Association to submit your request. Fax and phone numbers of the Iwakuni City Tourism Association are shown on the same page.  


We are pleased to provide international tourists with free tour guides in English as well as in Japanese. During the tour, local volunteer tour guides introduce you to the historical and cultural properties and natural beauties of Iwakuni. Among popular tour spots are KintaikyoBridge, Iwakuni Castle, WhiteSnake Museum and more. We hope we can help you make your visit to  Iwakuni very enjoyable and memorable.

Kintaikyo Bridge

Volunteer Tour Guide

Iwakuni Volunteer Tour Guide Association

Free English-Speaking Tour Guide In Iwakuni